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Those who are seeking deeper understanding and a more fulfilling life may have access to truths we hold dear and resources to enhance their own Spiritual Growth.

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Spiritual Unfoldment

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Demonstrating our spiritual attainment through preaching/teaching, spiritual communion, and channeling divine healing.
Working together towards spiritual self-actualization, attainment of inner peace, and higher consciousness following the Christ as Way Shower.
Studying the Truth that leads to Oneness with the Divine, seeking to foster individual soul evolution through the application of Spiritual Science.
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* Safe Spiritual Sanctuary & Welcoming Community *

Here you will find information about the Spiritual Science Mother Church, our beliefs, goals, and history, with many future links that will enable you to access help, as well as additional information and resources. Whether your need be for enlightenment, guidance, prayer, healing or knowledge there will be something  for you.

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The Board of Directors
 of the Spiritual Science Mother Church

We Accept Seekers & Truths from All Religions

     The church accepts persons and truth from all religions and is centered in love. While Spiritual Science is essentially Christian in its beliefs, it now emphasises the God within and acknowledges the many Paths to truth and attaining Oneness with the Divine. Thus, the church has grown and has become more universal.  Jesus is seen as the Lord, Master, and dispenser of the Law of Love. 

We Believe...

     ... that all human beings have been given free agency and are traveling a spiritual path that includes many incarnations. Members of the Spiritual Science Church are expected to demonstrate spiritual realities in their present lifetime. Three principal demonstrations are emphasized: preaching and/or teaching; communicating with other realms; and healing through the channeling of Divine healing power. We believe we are expected to grow in this spiritual life, a process termed soul-unfoldment, and to be of service to others. 

     The objective is to attain Higher Consciousness. ​

Mission Statement
Vision Statement
Declaration of Principles




We seek to foster individual soul evolution though the application of Spiritual Science.
We see the Spiritual Science Mother Church at the forefront of this New Age as we:
  • Provide a learning environment where universal wisdom is explored, experienced and absorbed as truth on a personal basis.
  • Continually seek universal truth as found    directly or indirectly in spiritual traditions and philosophies throughout the ages.
  • Bring peace and harmony to the soul through self-mastery and personal responsibility.
  • Teach disciplines that empower and foster self-actualization.
  • Promote spiritual growth through service.
  • Encourage and support active ministries
  1. Spiritual Science demonstrates knowledge of the Spirit.
  2. We believe in the Universal Fatherhood of God.
  3. We believe in the Christ as the Way Shower.
  4. We believe in the continuity of life beyond the Earth Plane.
  5. We believe in Spirit communication and Spirit Cooperation.
  6. We believe in the Ministry of Angels.
  7. We believe that soul unfoldment is the purpose of life.
  8. We believe that fraternal service is the way of life.
  9. We believe that the door to reformation is never closed to any human soul, either here or hereafter.
  10. ​Seek and ye shall find is the promise.